Sunday, August 27, 2006

Robyn Archer - "Dicks Don't Grow on Trees"

Robyn Archer has been a cabaret and pop artist for over thirty years, performing in an eclectic variety of genres, and in more recent years distinguishing herself as an artistic director or board member of various Australian arts festivals.

The Ladies Choice is an album famous for two things, it was the first Australian record album produced by women ( Robyn Archer and Diana Manson) and it contained outrageous lyrics for the time. Released in 1977 and featuring the feminist and fighting classics
Dicks Don't Grow on Trees, The Old Soft Screw and Menstruation Blues (sic!), (the last one can be listened and downloaded on Robyn Archer's official site) the band features Adelaide session musicians led by piano man Peter Head.

but my favourite is "Dicks Don't Grow on Trees" [2,12 Mb *.mp3]

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