Thursday, August 24, 2006

Trevor Brown

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TREVOR BROWN is a sick fuck. There's no doubt about that. A sick fuck with an Asian fetish, if we want to be precise. And yet we haven't even begun to scratch the surface. The toilet bowl inside this artist's brain is overflowing with blood culled from a massive fetish orgy starring a horde of underage Japanese goth sluts for whom the more freakish, unimaginable terrain of human behaviour is the norm, Bondage is a big theme here, as are wounds, lacerations, and bruises - very adult themes depicted in a childlike world of sardonic innocence lost and found. But is it art?
article by travis jeppesen for a prague city magazine / what's-on guide, 2005
He designed the cover of John Zorn's album "The Gift" and he is just awesome!

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