Monday, October 16, 2006

The art of Hans Fischerkoesen.

Hans Fischerkoesen, was among the most distinguished animators remaining in Germany between 1933 and 1945, his work during the war years included a trio of remarkable films: Verwitterte Melodie (Weather-beaten Melody, 1942), Der Schneemann (The Snowman, 1943) and Das dumme Gänslein (The Silly Goose, 1944).
In 1921 Fischerkoesen made a successful advertising film, Bummel-Petrus (Strolling Peter), for the Leipzig shoe factory Nordheimer, which led to a two-year contract with Julius Pinschewer, who had pioneered the use of animated commercials in movie theaters back in 1911. Afterwards, he established his Fischerkoesen Studio in Leipzig to specialize in advertising films, something Fischerkoesen seemed perfectly suited to. After all, he had an irrepressible sense of humor, a good sense of rhythm, and a charming, flexible cartoon style--as well as the obsessive concentration necessary to make animated films perfect in every way. He also had the knack for seeing a pun or twist in some old saying, common situation or popular song which would fit right in with a product. He philosophized about advertising, proposing the "if-then" formula (If you use this product, then this will happen; if you have this problem, then this product will help) as the best format for a succinct, cogent ad.
Certainly, he received critical acclaim: by 1956, he had won major prizes at commercial film festivals in Rome, Milan (three times), Venice, Monte Carlo, and Cannes. He also appeared on the cover of the prestigious Der Spiegel, Germany's equivalent of the American Time magazine. Fischerkoesen continued to make advertising films until 1969, and died in 1973.

Here you can see an advertisement for "Underberg", an herbal digestive aid. The best advertisement ever.

and here is one more, made for philips in 1937.

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carla said...

In 1943 and 1944, I was one of his artists. He had a studio in the Hague in the Netherlands. I started there at the age of 15, worked on several of his cartoon films, including the snowman etc.
I am now 80 years of age and living in Birmingham England. Due to the bombing in the Hague, we were evacuated to Katwyk aan Zee and I became a waitress in the officers mess at Valkenburg airfield, were I met my husband. I would love to own a video of any of the films I worked on. My name is Johanna Sheasby- (nee de kleyn), address: 413.Chester Road Castle Bromwich, Birmingham England.(this is sent on behalf of my mother)