Thursday, December 07, 2006

Muslim Magomaev

Muslim Magomaev singing traditional russian song.

The best example of a true Singer who has become the brightest Superstar, is Muslim Magomaev. His brilliant and genuine talent stands out among the "tinsel show" of those who try to attract the public in concert halls and on TV screens.

There are no singers in the former USSR who can compete in popularity with Muslim Magomaev whose magnificent baritone, serious pursuit of excellence, and charismatic appeal have had a profound effect on three generations of admirers.

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Anonymous said...

I am too young to remember him, but my mother is devastated by his death. I think it is good that her internet is not soo fast and she wouldn't be able to watch this video, because I am sure she would be crying for another two days.
Our modern singers have no ability of producing this kind of sound.
It is very sad that he is gone